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7 Unique Gift Ideas for Moms

 If you’re looking for some great mother’s day gift ideas, you’re in the right place! 

You might be searching for a gift to give your own mom, mother-in-law, aunt, or grandma. Maybe it’s another important person who’s filled a "mom" role in your life. Or maybe you have a friend who just became a new mom, and you’d like to help them celebrate with a gift!

Whatever your gift-hunting situation, we hope this post can help you find your gift solution for every important person on your list.

The Ideal Gift for Moms Who Never Stop Giving:

1. Teacup Mini Hoop Kit

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A small hand-embroidered hoop with a teacup and the phrase "you can't pour from an empty cup"

Is there a mom you want to thank for always supporting those around them? The teacup kit is the perfect gift to remind them to take some de-stressing time for themselves. 

It’s a great beginner project that comes with all of the supplies that they’ll need, as well as step-by-step instructions in written and video form. And when their project is done, they’ll have a cute keepsake to display — a reminder to always take care of themselves, too. 

A Unique Gift Idea for the Always-Busy Mom

2. One-of-a-Kind, Hand-Stitched Necklace

Browse Here

Pendant on a silver necklace chain. The pendant features a hand-embroidered design — a purple mug filled with yellow, green, and pink flowers.

You might, instead, be looking for a gift for a mom who just won’t have the time or the interest to sit down and stitch something. 

But, you still want to give them something special to tell them how beautiful and unique you think they are. 

Browse our collection of one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery. Each piece is stitched by hand and is completely unique. 

The Best Gift to DIY:

3. Mountain Kit

Purchase Here

An embroidery hoop with a mountain design, sitting next to a blanket and a mug of tea.


A gift that’s handmade by you is extra special. This mountain kit is one of our best-sellers for good reason. It’s a great kit for beginners, and it's a fun and creative project for intermediate embroidery artists as well. 

You’ll learn colour blending and other fun techniques with the help of both written and video instructions. You'll create a beautiful, personal gift to give to a special mom. 

Mom’s Day Gift Ideas that Kids can DIY:

Do you want to encourage your own children to make some gifts for their mom, aunt, or grandma? Lots of our kits are equally great for both kids and adults, but here are our top recommendations for kid’s projects.

4. Solar System Kit

Purchase Here

Hand-Embroidered Solar System Design in an Embroidery Hoop

This is one of our easiest kits. There are only a couple of stitch varieties needed to complete the design, making it a great confidence-builder for complete beginners. We recommend this kit for ages 8+


5. Cozy Sloth Kit

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Embroidered design shows a sloth in a knit sweater, hanging from a tree branch. On top of the branch is a cup of coffee.

The slightly more challenging stitches in this pattern, as well as the fun, cute design, make this a perfect DIY project for older children. We recommend this kit for ages 10+.

*note: the age recommendations here are only guidelines — please use your discretion to decide if these kits are appropriate for each individual child. Consider the individual child's ability, and their safety using a sharp sewing needle.

The Perfect Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts:

If you’re looking for a last-minute mother’s day gift, don’t fear! We have solutions for that too:

6. Digital Patterns

Browse Here

A variety of digital embroidery patterns

If the mom in question is a crafter herself already, buying a collection of digital patterns is an excellent option. You could send the files digitally, or even print them out and gift them as paper copies. 

If you'd like to check out a sample first, download a free pattern here.

7. A Gift Card

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A Chiller Whale Gift Card

Gift cards are the ultimate fail-proof gift option. And you don’t have to worry at all about delivery time. 

Grab a gift card here so that the mom on your list can browse all of the options themselves and pick out something they’ll absolutely love!

We hope you found the perfect mother’s day gifts on this list! 

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