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How Active Meditation can help you Practice Mindfulness Every Day

Practicing mindfulness intentionally every day can be a difficult habit to develop. Especially for those of use with anxiety disorders, ADHD, or other factors that make focus a struggle. Even though we might be aware of the many proven benefits of mindfulness for our health, it can seem impossible to practice consistently. 

One way to make it easier is to try forms of active meditation, such as embroidery. Since the first time I tried it, stitching has been one of my favourite forms of self-care. I’ve found that many other embroidery artists feel the same way. 


Why Meditation Feels so Hard

When you practice mindfulness, you’re meant to stop judging yourself and trying to solve all of life’s problems. You just exist for a while, focusing on the present moment. It’s a useful tool for both improving and maintaining mental health. 

Mindfulness meditation is what usually comes to mind when we think about practising mindfulness. But there are so many other options besides sitting down and trying to sit still and force your mind to focus. 

Practicing meditation can feel extremely difficult in moments of stress, anxiety, or overwhelm (even though this is arguably when it can be the most useful). 


Why Active Meditation is Different

To me, stitching (a form of active meditation) is like meditation with training wheels — My hands have something to do, and my mind has something interesting and fun to focus on.

When I’m stitching, I can’t help but feel grounded in the current moment as I concentrate on the direction of my stitches, and the sound of the needle punching in and out of the fabric. 

We all have anxieties and stressors with the potential to build up and become unhealthy. It’s so important for all of us to find time to practice mindfulness and self-care. 

If you want to read more, check out this article on the "The calming effects of sewing” from The Guardian. This article shares several stories of finding refuge from anxiety or trauma through stitching. 

Whether it’s embroidery or something else amazing, I hope you’re feeling inspired to find your own fun and mindful activity to help you maintain your mental health. 

Take care of yourself!

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