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Emily Calder - Aug.7, 2020

Why Chiller Whale Donates
to ActionDignity Society 

What is ActionDignity, and why does Chiller Whale support it?

ActionDignity is a nonprofit in Calgary, Alberta. As described on their website homepage,  they are "working to enhance the voices of ethno-cultural communities in Calgary." Through running a wide range of programs, and producing educational resources, ActionDignity promotes equity, social justice, anti-racism, and community in Calgary. 

Chiller Whale believes in the importance of this work as a fundamental aspect of promoting community and mental health. We're proud to support ActionDignity and the work they do to address inequities so that more people in our city can thrive. 

Read more about ActionDignity and their mission here

How and When does Chiller Whale make donations?

Chiller Whale donates 10% of the proceeds from all regular products directly to ActionDignity. ("Regular Products" exclude only the occasional special products that are dedicated to a different, specific cause or organization.) 

If you're interested in making your own donation, you can do so here.

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