Sunrise Mountain Kit
Sunrise Mountain Kit
Sunrise Mountain Kit
Sunrise Mountain Kit
Sunrise Mountain Kit

Sunrise Mountain Kit

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Beginner-friendly embroidery kit with comprehensive instructions. Create your own reminder that the sun always comes up after the dark. This kit or the finished product stitched by you could make a great gift to yourself or a loved one.

You'll be proud to call your work uniquely your own because no two mountain kits turn out exactly the same! The freehand nature of the colour-blending technique means that you'll get to use your own creativity. (Don't worry though, the instructions offer detailed guidance if you need it!)

At Chiller Whale, we believe that stitching is self-care. We hope you will come to love the peaceful rhythm of stitching, the sound of the needle punching through the fabric, and the fact that every stitch is its own creative decision. Our kits are designed to give you a relaxing, mindful experience to help you unplug and relax.

Kits, or finished pieces stitched by you, can also make great gifts for loved ones!


- This pattern is super beginner friendly! A chill experience for all levels of embroidery artists.
The instructions include how to get the fabric in the hoops, how to start stitching, tie off a thread, and how to finish the hoop when you're done.
- More support materials for beginners can also be found on our website. We have videos about how to do all of the things mentioned above, and to walk you through all of the basic stitches that you'll need for this pattern.


Fabric with pre-printed design on it
Detailed instructions on how to get started, and a stitching guide for this pattern
One embroidery hoop (6 inches in diameter)
2 embroidery needles of different sizes
All the thread necessary to complete this design
"Practice Fabric and thread" - extra scrap piece of fabric and some thread to use if you want to practice new stitches.

*The pattern included in the kit is an original design by Emily at Chiller Whale Fibre Art. Neither the pattern nor the finished embroidery are to be copied, sold, or redistributed.